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I was standing at the bus stop waiting for the 137 to Oxford Circus when it happened. The moment. That very moment... I knew winter was gone. There was that dry feeling in the air that was masking over the winter breeze that always slaps you in the face when you're already feeling like an actual ice cube. Shut your eyes for a second and just think.. Hold on, don't shut them yet, I need to describe to you those very moments of sheer bliss and in moments you'll be checking on flights for the summer holidays! Imagine rich blue skies with airplanes soaring across the sky, the sun blaring onto your bare shoulders, as you lick your ice cream, enjoying the atmosphere as you are sat round a picnic with your besties. Imagine festivals, music, dancing away into the summer night with a cup of cider and glitter on your eyes. Imagine waking up to a weekend packed full of trips to the beach or a Sunday at the local food markets where everyone will be, smiles on their face, drinking a cold one at the pub outside with your friends.. I could go and on about summer. It's honestly my favourite time of year and I promise you friends, it's just around the corner!

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