Recently I attended an event with Redken that saw my hair go through the transformation of blonde into a magical blue-purple-pastel!

The CityBeats event was one of my favourites! I arrived at Loreal Academy to a gorgeous spread of breakfast and my hairdresser Paco from Live True Vauxhall was all ready to make the transformation. You can check out the results of City Beats, the range, as well the other bloggers on their instagram here. After the event, Redken gifted me the anti-snap and colour maintenance products listed here to maintain maximum strength and shine. I'm now on my second bottles and live in anxiety for when there would be a world without.. I needed you all to know just how bloody fabulous these products really are!  It's obvious to state that with over processed hair it needs to be looked after and I'm not going to lie and say I look after my hair well. I sleep with my hair tied, forget to brush it.. all those sorts of things. I know, I know I'm a villain right? Well Redken has my back and I'm forever thankful for these products even existing to maintain my dream hair!
After the event I went all blue and from going through the changes of blonde, purple and then blue, my hair is still strong with a gorgeous shine!
Redken can be quite pricey and obviously if you want an amazing hair colour, you need to invest in the maintenance of it too.. If investing into all the products isn't in your budget, I definitely recommend you invest in one, whatever your hair colour - (You can find Redken Strengthening Builder Here) as well as the whole release of their city beats collection on the Redken Instagram Page! 

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