Four pieces you cry? Yes. Four investments. The pieces you can rely on.. these fabulous four will always be there to stare out your ex's new beaut, or save your sorry ass when you made the choice to go for that dress. 

Firstly, the four should be timeless and seasonal.. A piece of jewellery, a watch, a handbag and shoes.
Obvious to state? Maybe so but knowing these items could save you a lot of last minute plan stress so yeah, just get to know.

Another thing to note, these investments also need to last you. They're called investments for a reason. You don't exactly need to break the bank though.. One of my 'forever watches' is a fossil watch and it is priced here at only £105 - but the secret it is.. It's crisp, clean, silver and even in that H&M basic knit, it will add that expensive touch to your outfit.

You also need these items to be versatile and simple. They need to be able to be worn with absolutely everything you own, EVER. 

If slip on's are your chosen shoe, go for black? Easy to team with everything. Seriously what is life without black clothing and shoes, I can't bare to even think about it. Maybe go for a shiny black for a bit of a classic touch. I can't help but choose platforms to be one of mine. I feel instantly better about myself when I'm taller and a lot of them are very light-weight so are comfortable!

The jewellery is everything. Minimal would be timeless or go statement for your own personal style. I class 3 of my rings as one because they are my everything, ok. 

When selecting your ultimate bag - You already know your baby I'm sure - I bet your bottom dollar it can fit everything inside but the kitchen sink.. if it doesn't, you need got move on.
This bag needs to not only fit life inside but also look like you've got this. I guess when you think about it, you COULD opt for a smaller one if you HAVE got life sorted. But seriously if you can survive with just a little handbag and not even a canvas bag here and there, I NEED TO KNOW HOW.

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