Along with evening binge sessions on youtube and admittedly way too many loose-woman catch ups than I'd like to admit, I also like to be a grown up and read self-health and wellbeing articles.
I have openly shared my own issues involving mental illness on my social media accounts.. Unhealthy/lack of eating habits as well as experiencing ongoing depression and anxiety, I find these blogs to not only self-inspire but an absolute credit for contributing towards general human-health and happiness!
One website that's worth referencing is - the website offers work/health/fashion relatable content thats is presented on a person scale by different authors.
One article in particular offers advice by the CEO of Flywheel Sports Clearly she boasts a very full on and challenging life and with that comes stress..
So can we have a balance? I ask myself this every day.
Sarah mentions that being the best version of yourself is the key to success.
I believe that whatever you try in life, you ask yourself if you're really trying hard enough and whether you really want too.
Don't get in your own way. Believe in your decisions which in turn leads to self-confidence and and really appreciating your worth.
Best of all, learn that your failures lead to your successes.
So this is all well and good, right? But in practice it isn't so black and white.
That's because we constantly face our inner demons on a daily basis to make life even MORE hard!
So here's the thing.
I should be at least on the right pathway to a successful career, right?
But then half of me wants to just live in hotels, out of my suitcase, earning enough to get me by but travelling the world, which of course to me is priceless.
In a world where there is now endless opportunity I can't help but feel my focus to be blurred.
It's like I'm in a supermarket and there is a huge row of aisle and it's like I can only go down one, but I want to see the other and what I may be missing out on.
Theres a time limit and we aren't always aware of it. We assume we have all the time in the world.
Sit down and tell yourself you are 10 years older than you are and how you feel about it.
You might be married with children, working the same job, a little bit more money?
Time creeps up on you. May I remind you that the paramore days were 10 YEARS AGO.
It's the unknown, so yes I know it's hard but tell yourself you are now, say, 35.. You are working in the same job, maybe more money to buy extra treats at the end of the month..
How did you feel about it?
See, I did this and it scared me.
I  closed my eyes and I still want to travel the world but also have a successful career and that is because of how I feel RIGHT NOW.
I need to make a decision and that is the answer right now.
People change, that's a given. But if you aren't happy in your current situation NOW you have to change it yourself NOW.
We as humans are great at making excuses but time doesn't give a flying crap about your excuses.
It can't even promise you tomorrow.
- To end on a positive -
If you take anything at all away from this article, take away the importance of effectively making your everyday life as happy as possible TODAY.
Keep on keeping on.
When it gets worse.
One of my favourite ever people on this planet says something often that truly sticks and that is
"If you always do what you've always done, you always get what you've always got"

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