(Hair Extensions -Zen Pastel Blue\Grey Dyed with City Beats By Paco at Live True)

I was sitting in Vauxhall's Live True London waiting to be seen by Paco AKA (THE BEST HAIRDRESSER IN THE WORLD) with a complimentary latte and a row of glossy magazines in front of me. My current situation? Silver/Ash blonde with around two inches of muddy brown roots. I was flicking through a magazine that I annoyingly can't remember the name of and saw a woman with a blue choppy 'lob'.. Imagine going for such a hair colour, I thought.. 
Months later here I am sporting a full head of twilight blue shiny locks!
I haven't been paid for this post but honestly Paco saved my hair's life.. Literally.
I was happy finally with a hairdresser I found in Australia and obviously upon leaving Australia I was panicking with the thought of finding another. After a few London unpleasant - satisfactory experiences I had a really BAD experience. I was left with patchy purple, yellow and even white in places hair! The hairdresser - I hear - is no longer working there and so I won't call them out on it. I had lost all trust in hairdressers in London. I saw on instagram that Copper Garden had been to a salon near me.. I spoke to their team and I was in the chair within days praying they would sort my hair.
Paco not only saved my hair in all it's entirety, he also knew about trends and what would look great on me! We met a few times and spoke about different colours!
My post here will show you all about the Redken event that myself and Paco attended for the City Beats release of amazing hair dyes in all the vibrants colours you could dream of.
Immediately when I saw the classic, high-end blue, I knew I needed to have it on my hair.. After the event I went all over blue and again, (none sponsored) it's pigment is so strong and it really doesn't fade! Obviously if you like to change between colours easily, it wouldn't be your choice of colour but if you're like me and you KNOW your colour and city beats is your call! (At selective salons like Live True London)
Moving on to how extensions happened. I started looking into extensions just for the thickness originally. There was a girl at Live True who had a short, choppy bob and I complimented her on her thick healthy hair for such a bright blonde.. "Extensions.." she responded "Magic.."
I couldn't believe it! I just assumed people have extensions for long hair and yet she was sporting this deliciously golden and thick on-trend bob with extensions hidden beneath and no one would have even noticed!
So obviously I was completely sold and within moments, back in the chair and waiting for Paco to work his magic.
Zen Hair is used in top salons because of it's luxury, high quality hair extensions so obviously my mind was put at ease!  I went with tape-extensions.. 

"Fast becoming one of the most popular systems amongst professionals, due to the speed and versatility of the system. Hair is presented infused into a soft, thin and flexible polymer. It is pre-taped with a medical grade gel adhesive which adheres for 6-8 weeks."

It's now been a week since I've had the extensions and like I said, I'm not paid to do this post - This is a completely honest review of my hair and I will state that the first night with extensions is quite an uncomfortable one, especially if you haven't wore extensions before. Your scalp quickly gets use to your new head of hair though and it all becomes worth it. If you're planning to dare another colour, I definitely can't stress enough how city beats if great for longevity.. Oh, and if you are in London - Look up Paco and Live True London, you won't be disappointed!

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