(Photographer: Laura L | Models: Myself and Rebecca Gao - Outfits: Myself: All Zara - Rebecca: All Urban Outfitters)

Red. White. Blue. 
The United Kingdom. 
A place that although welcomes diversity in every form, also struggles to keep afloat in a world where there are still so many differences.. 
I won't beat around the bush here; it's breaking my heart that there's people who want to see you suffer out there.
I know it's important to desperately cling onto the light and I try.. but even when I'm typing this right now I'm struggling to insure I turn this around. I'm struggling to find any positivity that could possibility be as a result of what is going on right now.

I'm broken.
Just as you.. 
So tell me..
Tell me how many more f****** candles do we need to light!


 I'm going to to try and do this.. I'm going to attempt to open a window. 
Because what can we do?
Grow even more bitter?
Be tempted by violent retaliation?
Become them?

Instead I urge you to use the little time you have on earth to Love in every sense of the word.

Smile at strangers..


Because this piece right here? I wanted to take this time for you to vision a better you.

My little platform is a snippet in a comparison to such a world full of personality but if we all used our voice to push positive vibes then perhaps this world will be a better place.

Terrorism.. history.. I know it's beyond me but is pushing love ever going to be a waste of anyones time?
You'll leave this earth behind you a little brighter and in advance, I truly thank you for that.

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