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I may be the little devil on your shoulder right now but at the moment that kind of sucks for you, doesn't it. Random treats need justifying.. they just feel wrong, like I should be grown up and actually put money into savings... yet, that little black beauty is burning a hole through the walls from across the road as I walk past H&M. I don't particularly know which dress but I KNOW that there is something in there that I love and well, I need it.
I've dished up some excuses for us to take the plunge. I'm just being a good friend and we both want to be happy about life, what's money when you could very well die tomorrow? ..I promise that's my only pessimistic excuse.. cough, even though it's true.

You bloody deserve it!

Yes, you bloody well do. Whether you work 9-5, a full time parent or literally just trying to keep your head above water. Trump is now the president of the United States of America. 
Life is full of bullcrap. 
Treat yourself.

I will look super hot in it..

Yes, you're dam straight you'll look hot! Embrace the little summer we get and all of the good vibes. A pick me up is definitely in order for you my friend!

'I can always take it back' 

One of my favourite scientifically proven facts is definitely how shopping/buying nice things for yourself is good for you. I often pull this fact out of the bag from time to time but I'm giving it to you as a little, don't go without food gesture. If you can't afford it and haven't wore it, tell yourself you will take it back, as simply as that. A little reassurance, just keep your receipt,  It felt good buying it though and if you need it back in your life you know it's meant to be!

But it IS an investment!

..In not only yourself but the people who have to witness you walking around with a face on you. C'mon, think of it like this, it's happiness too, am I right? You basically get to wear it for the rest of your life or you sell it on depop as vintage. You'll be rich.. It's all good.

£80?! I can always skip coffee maybe lunch for a week?

Take cold toast if you have too! Make it happen.. The worst case scenario you eat at your mates, you suddenly decide you hate it one day and instead make beautiful cushion covers for your room, SORTED.

I haven't bought myself something in ages!

Chances are you've been pretty good at saving, maybe you haven't but I definitely know how christmas feels like ages ago now and how you tried to forget about those few little big gifts from you to you.. If it makes you feel better, sell a pair of old shoes on gumtree. Done.

Pay day does exist you know.

Not that I need to remind you that. Whether it be 7 days or 17, it will roll around again. Unless you don't have a job or are a student or something. In that case, let's hope it goes on sale babes.

Your bae needs cheering up..

Yes, blame it on them. How nice are you though! Making yourself look all nice for the bae.
Your bae can also mean your dog or hamster. Trust me they know.

I'll actually do something with my life now. 

It's enough of a reason to leave the house. Why would you let a perfectly beautiful and clean dress go to waste. Now you can actually live life to the full! Your life is literally complete!

Oh, and also did I mention, YOU DESERVE IT. Well, yes, you do. Go get it girl!

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