I'm going through a serious orange/yellow/red stage and I'm rolling with it so let me have my moment, OK. It's getting me out of black for a few months and you know what, I kind of like it.
I saw this look on Instagram and I've always liked a glossy, wet lid... Kylie Jenner was rocking that smokey wet lid last autumn and I became obsessed! So when I saw this statement, I leaped on the bus to find the perfect shade. 
This blusher ticked all of the boxes for me because you can build at it and it works perfectly as an eye shadow too... non-crease and thick pigmentation!
I heard people tend to go with gloss instead of vaseline and I tried both and it's basically the same in terms of wear but you definitely and as expected, needing to maintain this look all day..
Never the less, it's beautiful for that instagram shot and that's obviously what you really want to know ;)

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