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Yellow has been absolutely everywhere this season and yellow has also ALWAYS been my least favourite colour. Until now.. and you know what? Red sits neatly behind it on the chart of EMILINA'S NON-DESIRABLE COLOURS and you'll never guess what I'm currently wearing right now...
So there was once a day, not so long ago, where I wouldn't go beyond a shiny black.. Yes, I ventured into the world of blues and greys but any colour with any hint of a warmth was a no no.. It's almost as if red and yellow clocked onto this because seriously, it's an actual problem right now and you know what, I kinda frigging love it.. is that bad.
I'm adopting a new role today and that's 'Professor Colour' because I want to briefly teach you the good points about wearing colour and how it'll effect your day.. I know a lot of people who live in black and before I lose you here, I really do have a point!
When I first put on a vibrant orange tee, and I'm not talking neon, more of a hot orange.. I instantly felt a boost of self accomplishment. I wanted to be noticed. I needed to be seen, heard.. to make the most of the day - All because I decided to go out in that orange tee! 
It's true that red's like coral are meant to make you feel sexier and blue more calmer.. it's a psychological ballgame and I'm not saying you need to go from black leggings and baggy tops to a fitted Jessica rabbit little number but you get my drift.
I use to also wear oversized tee's to bed for years until I switch it up and went for fresh whites and colour cosy pj's and this too is also giving me a better nights sleep!
I'm simply suggesting that adapting a 'live while we're young and foolish and getting away with it' attitude and if that be sleeping in a minion onesie then so be it.
I won't be told or expected to be or look a certain way because of my age or how people my age are expected to look or be!
I find it ridiculous that we all concentrate so much on competing and comparing ourselves to each other and although I also know it's very easily said than done but we could all do with adapting a bit of that attitude!
Yes wear that skirt.. You have a right to feel good about yourself and going with pop's of colour will help you on your way!
Ask me again in autumn though when I'm draped in black layers.. 
I'm still going to be popping out that red lip though!

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