For the record, I'm never late for anything, I'm invincible; It's something I take pride in actually. Admittedly I can be ridiculously early which isn't a strong point, particularly for events and interviews. I think my record is an hour early and although I don't advise a bloody hour (That's literally an hour in bed, GONE) I do suggest prep time before anything importio... You know, like adults do. Sit down in a coffee shop, relax, mentally reassure yourself that everything is going to be OK (and obviously google EVERYTHING you need to know for the interview - or just walk around the shops like I tend to end up doing to distract myself from a nervous breakdown. I have a few tips for all of you Mr Rabbit's out there.. Lateness is not only rude, it's inconsiderate, don't be that guyyyy

Reset the clock

Set the time to ten minutes late on your clock/devices! You'll actually get there on time then! If you're serious about this and I have your dedication then go for twenty minutes, it looks quite professional when you show up ten minutes early! You'll have a little time to tame the birds nest from running from the bus stop!

City Planner is everything

If you don't live in London, I hear the app is expanding so you can't quite go for this one yet. If you do live in London by the way, how have you not got city planner! It's literally life. It will tell you every minute it will take from your door step to the door step of your destination. It tell's you of the faster route, the bus only route, as well as the tube only route.. even the calories you'll burn! When I moved to Melbourne I missed this app so so much! Schedule yourself to leave a few minutes before though, just in case!

Arrange your go-to's, STAT

You know, the every day, chuck-on and go make up products and clothing. They are usually black clothing from H&M Basics or Primark. If you don't have these than I'll have to um, tell my lazy friend. It's definitely helpful to know your everyday's though - If you didn't have time the night before, they will always be prepared to throw on or chuck into your bag. Arrange your everyday make up into a little make up bag just incase you need to apply on the journey or simply so they're in the same place and saves you routing


You obviously already have trainers right? You'll walk faster. Obviously.


Don't forget, you wrote it in your CV, live up to it.. If you are meeting your friend, picture their angry/sad face all alone at a coffee table questioning your friendship. You don't want that do you? She takes great selfies! Besides, if you're late are they really wanting to meet with you again? Exxxxactly.

Restrict your phone time

I'm that person who wakes up ten minutes before my alarm in order to get my little browse on the phone out of the way. If you're this lame and you need your morning fix, get into this routine too.. It helps and it also slowly wakes you up.

Hope that helped you in someway.. I know a few faffers who waste the minutes on make their bed extra perfect or singing in the shower and not moving quicker. Allocate your time and you've got this!

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