(All from ZARA)
That is the question. A question in which I don't know the answer too because I really don't know if this is ok? My favourite thing in the world to wear is oversized hoodies and as soon as I saw this bad boy giving me the face in ZARA - with the green detailing - I knew it was already in my bag. In case you hadn't already noticed the almost ridiculous amount of colour going on right now on my social media platforms, the slices of colour darting through black will always win for me.
But is 'street' ok? Can I get away with it? C'mon, I even found this garage door to go nicely with it..
(Note the tweed trousers too.. Well I could have gone the whole hog and teamed this hoody with a pair of addidas baggies but I held it in.. I resisted the 5 per cent of me that wishes I could walk around like Kayne West).

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