'Oh hey, Winter's on the phone.. it wants us to know it's just around the corner and to invest in layers STAT
Anyone else feel like summer was literally yesterday? LITERALLY.
Well it's gone. Autumn is in full swing and I bet your bottom dollar you're waiting for the whistle to blow to buy that cinnamon candle you've been eyeing up in TK Maxx.. 
It's time to strongly consider your layers, amiright?
Say hi to my Weekend attire.
Comfortable, cool and cosy.. I find myself sitting between Kanye West vibes and Mick Jagger.
Let's just say I like the idea of being Bowie who's been invited to a hip hop joint in downtown LA and he throws on whatever he see's fit.
Whatever this is, it's definitely Okayla and can I just say, they're queens when it comes to mash up style.. They have played with block colours, mesh and sequins all in the same collection and we all know I'm all about that cray.

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