Scroll further down if you want to see my nails before the appointment..
Yes, pretty grim right? 
Well those nails are a result of using long-term stick on nails. 
Now I'm not saying you shouldn't ever wear stick on nails but seriously, it's clear that I was abusing them by literally swapping between colours every few days/weeks and that can get a bit pricey after a while! If you watch my vlogs, you will see here that I was treated to an appointment at Live True Beauty in Vauxhall and I chose Shellac Nails in silver glitter!
 I went back a few days later for a midnight blue instead - luckily there was no problem at all with my indecisiveness!
If you follow me on social media, you will know I'm a big fan of LiveTrue.. I've dealt with my fair share of salons in the past so that fact that my salon now has a beauty section where you can get your nails done and your hair at the same time just makes my life so much more easier!
If you live in London or the surrounding areas, you should definitely pop in and treat yourself before Christmas to a set of nails! Hundreds of colours and styles to choose from.. I literally don't know what to have next!

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