It's that time of year.. When your motivation, if already lacking, is taking a bashing.. the darker evenings have sprung upon us and it becomes harder to get out of your toasty cacoon you've shaped yourself in for 8 hours in fear of touching the cold part of the bed.
I feel ya.. As if Monday's  weren't hard enough, they're also freezing and a lot of the time wet..
It's a 'I need a holiday' time of year so I have a few tips that might help you refresh and feel that little bit better..

Just Meet Emma from Essex..

Meet that girl you've been talking too for yonks.. plan and have new events to get you out of the house and away from the Netflix and ice cream.
Warm clothes exist you know, quit the excuses..
It spices up your life a bit.. refreshes your friendships
You never know who you may meet! 

Now here's the thing with Netflix..

Don't marry it. Like, Netflix is your naughty little lover.. You don't want to get sick of it right?
Too many romance films, comfort eating and bed is only going to make you feel stale and tired.
It's okay to have the odd evening but chances are, Spring will be here with the click of the fingers and you'll promise to diet and feel worse because yeah, who LIKES dieting.
Which brings me to another point..
Eat well, fill up on soups/stews.. steamed vegetables.. People make the mistake all too often to over indulge over the festive periods and in turn, feel rubbish for it.
A few pounds here and there aren't going to hurt though of course.

Buy yourself a present.. (EASILY MY FAVOURITE)

"Oh yeah.. that's definitely a great idea with christmas around the corner and bills to pay'
Well get yourself a nice lunch then! Preferably a fresh new outfit though.. It's really important to have things to look forward too.. Whether that be something in the post to go home too or browsing around the shops to excite yourself.
You deserve a treat and people shouldn't feel bad for it either. You can budget and make it work.
Who DOESN'T make self-treats work is what I want to know..

Now don't call me crazy..

But a cold shower might be the last thing you want in your life when it's cold but actually it could be the best thing for you right now! Cold showers have so many benefits to them and known to help people with depression.. it also maintains skin and hair health!
 After a few seconds you're use to the cold and you'll feel absolutely amazing and refreshed after it!


Meet up and be surrounded by people who are going to encourage you.
I always arrange 'meetings' with my sister to talk about my blog and sometimes it can make me realise I'm not working hard enough or simply reminds me that I'm actually doing okay.. in turn, results in a confidence boost!

Go with what you're good at..

Ok, so you're awesome at squash or a game of cards? Over play it if you have too.. It's so good for the ego to have those moments of 'yes, I'm frigging awesome'
Confidence massively contributes to feeling refreshed because it encourages you to try new things and yeah, I'm all for pushing self-confidence!

Lists DO work.. They serve as great reminders too.

Have a look at old lists, create new ones.. Just go with the whole 'lists' thing because it actually works! I only started to keep a list of goals this year and it really pushes you into a motivational drive.
As a human instinct you want to success and you become competitive. I didn't like keeping a goals list before because I didn't want to fail at it.. Already the approach you should aim to avoid.
You WILL success.

..The next one is for reals working for me.. New bedding.

It just FEELS better to have new and fresh bedding.. You should probably consider chucking an old one away too.. It's seen better days and mentally it can act as a 'out with the old, in with the new'.. which brings me to my next point

Rearrange your room.

Decluttering and rearranging your room can contribute massively to a refresh!
You're starting a fresh, right? Might as well get rid of some junk.. 
Giving it away to a charity shop will make you feel better too.

Finally.. The little things help..

Like washing your hands. Imagining you have 'bad energy' and throwing it out of the window. 
Tidying up. Taking a long walk. I'm sure you might already do a lot of these things but I'm simply here to encourage and influence in someway and if you take that cold shower tomorrow morning then you're trying to better yourself and that itself is an achievement!

Spreading all of the good vibes this hump day <3

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