Your hair is your identity.. Your trademark. With blue hair, I unknowingly created a more cold, mysterious persona. With red hair, I present myself with more warmth and confidence.
Hair, although a luxury to some, is pretty much a big deal.
The first time I had extensions was the moment I truly loved my hair for the first time.
It's Live True who I have to thank for that.. (you can get tape extensions and more information here)
..Before I went to Lifetrue though I had many disasters.. 2012 being up there with one of the worst moments of my life.
I had self-made bleached noodle hair.  The kind of crap I could have gone viral with.
I literally fried my hair off. I can remember the horror I felt as it dangled below into the bath tub, the bleach, streaming down the plug hole take a lot of my hair with it.
Yes I managed to salvage some but I ran to my mum in tears and told her I was never leaving the house again. It was the holidays so luckily I didn't for a little while.
I grew my hair out completely natural after that for a few years but boy, lesson learnt and I will never dye my own hair again.
I enjoy all of the colours though. Standing out from the crowd and all of that.
If you asked 2012 Emilina if she would ever come close to dye again she would straight up fly kick you.
With dyed hair, even by professionals you have to super look after it so with the right attention, products and hair extensions, I've found it to be the best it's ever been actually.
Hair Extensions don't have to be for length though.. You only need a couple for that bounce.
I mean, I do enjoy the length but it's more for the volume that I prefer.
I dread the day I have to part with them in fact.
So give them a go.. Get that bit more of a bounce to your hair because your hair is queen and you know you bloody well deserve it <3

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