"Folks are usually about as happy as they make their minds up to be"

I'm a firm believer in taking in charge of your mind, as I am about Law of Attraction and the universe.
We are made up of materials and particles and that includes our brains!
It's pretty simple in text..
Why do we get down?
The reason is that depression/sadness is caused by a defect within the brain that causes a person to not produce enough certain chemicals - called neurotransmitters - which scientists believe are responsible for mood control. 
When we struggle with our mental health, it becomes beyond us and feels like everything is out of our control.
On top of our every day struggles (family friction, hair loss etc) - sadness will be you if you're sad. 

Generally speaking, and I know a lot of cases are different, I find that taking hold of your mind and telling it otherwise really helps me.
I'm here to talk about your little happy. That 'little happy' you get when you sip on some piping hot tomato soup on a wet, late Sunday afternoon after a walk in the forest at your grandparents cottage.
Even that line gave me that little happy!
You know those little things that actually a lot of the time we are terrible at.. 
E.g buying that canvas with good intentions to paint mum a picture for Mothering Sunday that still sits between the wardrobe and the door at Christmas. 
It made you feel a little happy having that intention.. just like baking a cake and burning it!
Imagine purposely taking any opportunity to drop a coin in the happy jar throughout your day!
I'm not saying materialistic things..
Heck, we cannot deny that we as humans, we need goods and materials to live. Of course we do..
Although we should be aware of material things, they do not always cover all of our complex human needs. What about love? self-improvement, personal daily satisfaction, daily wellbeing, peace, emotional balance, achieving a dream, feeling acknowledged.. priceless!

Have you ever heard of that saying 'happiness is not the destination, but rather the journey'
It's one of my favourites! Scrap the ultimate happy. I don't know a single person who is truly 100 per cent happy. Actually it's impossible.. We appreciate the light more when we have been living in the dark, right?

I mean doing more of what you like and makes you feel good. It shouldn't even be an article I know but I feel strongly in that the little happiness moments in your life is your life!

DO take up gardening! Spend an hour writing out a random and cute note to your favourite person with a little sketch too! DO smile at 10 people today and compliment 3 of them! These little practices are all little seeds to your own garden (hey look, you're already a gardener ;) Ha!)

So, In my first job, I gave out leaflets. When a person would take my silly mortgage leaflet and thanked me for it I felt a little sense of self. I really appreciated that person.
I would think in my head, aww, aren't they a nice, I hope they have a great day today! Be the person to give another person that little moment.
Taking ANY opportunity throughout your day to be the kindest you can, truly will make a difference to your whole life and that's why I love to encourage the little happy..

..if you pick up on the negative in your life.. 'ah my nose" or "why is this bus so late' - you'll carry that negative around with you.

Maybe give it a try some time.. push yourself into being a positive as possible this week, let me know how out turns out for you!

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